Industry recognition

David’s track record has been widely recognized with several industry awards, including rare back-to-back wins for Best Canadian Equity Fund. We’re most proud of honours he’s received for superior long-term returns in the Canadian equity and balanced fund categories.

Canadian Lipper Fund Awards

Canadian Lipper Fund Awards

The Lipper Fund Awards program honours funds that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to peers.

2012 Global Equity Balanced (10 yr)

2011 Canadian Focused Equity (5 yr, 10 yr)

2011 Global Neutral Balanced (5 yr)

2010 Canadian Focused Equity (5 yr, 10 yr)

2010 Global Neutral Balanced (1 yr)

2009 Canadian Focused Equity (5 yr, 10 yr)

2009 Global Equity Balanced (10 yr)

2008 Canadian Focused Equity (3 yr, 5 yr)

2008 Global Equity Balanced (10 yr)

2007 Canadian Equity (3 yr)

2007 Canadian Income Balanced (3 yr)

Canadian Investment Awards

Canadian Investment Awards

The prestigious Morningstar Canadian Investment Awards showcase leaders in the investment industry.

2010 Best Canadian Equity Fund

2009 Best Canadian Equity Fund

2006 Best Canadian Equity Fund