Taylor Partners Fund

Taylor Partners Fund capitalizes on veteran equity manager, David Taylor’s stock picking expertise and strong long term track record.

Objective and approach

Applying his signature style of value investing that has earned him numerous awards for superior performance, David constructs a well-diversified, concentrated portfolio of his best investment ideas. With the flexibility to move between Canada and the US, David shifts the portfolio to where he’s seeing the best opportunities for growth.


Jun 21, 2019:

(A) $10.8773
(E) $  9.8962
(F) $11.7091


      December 31/18     December 29/17   December 30/16

    Income   Cap gains       Cap gains         Cap gains
A   $0.4302   $0.1469       $0.8209           $0.2445
E   $0.6256   $0.1538       $0.6120             $0.1409
F   $0.6201   $0.1617       $0.7260             $0.0964

Why you should invest

  • Access to one of Canada’s top North American equity managers
  • Invests only in high quality companies
  • Geographic flexibility to overweight the US
  • Focus on dividend payers/growers
  • Broadly diversified across different sectors
  • Small nimble fund
  • Disciplined risk management and downside protection
  • Significant personal investment by the manager

How we reduce risk

  • Maximum security exposure 7.5%
  • Maximum sector exposure 30%
  • Active foreign currency hedging
  • Invests in securities that are already discounted
  • Defensive use of cash